About Us


Our mission is to give customers like you a better, shopping experience that fits seamlessly into your daily life. An experience featuring a curated assortment of new and leading brands, because all in one place is better than all over the city. An experience that makes it easier to get your essentials, so you never run out when it counts.

Established in 2014

An experience that inspires you as you search, helping you find your favorites and discover new ones, too. The everyday can sometimes be overwhelming, but getting what you need shouldn’t be.


Return Policy

We kindly request a 24hr notice for any returns. Returns and refunds are available only as described in our Returns/Refund policy. While Jet will strive to provide returns and refunds, excessive or abusive returns or attempted returns will void our Returns/Refund policy and any guarantees on future orders.

Promotions & Offers

Visit our site on regular basis and like us on facebook for weekly deals, updates, promotions & offers. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and Debit Cards. All prices are subject to change.